Did you have a doula for the birth of your child?

Saturday, September 19, 2009



The Facts
Name: Brittany Kearns
Location: Rochester, NY
Occupation: Labor Doula

I am currently training to be a doula through Childbirth International. I have completed all of my educational requirements but still need to attend one birth in order to attain my certification.

I am the mother of two wonderful boys and the wife of one exceptional man. After my two births, I began to analyze the birth process and recognized significant feelings of dissatisfaction. I had felt lost in the birthing process. Because of this, I focused my undergraduate senior thesis on the factors that contribute to a positive birthing experience.
First, I found that before birthing moved into hospitals, women birthed their babies at home in the company of other women. Then I learned, that there exists a profession that hearkens back to the female supported labors of generations of women. Not only does a doula provide continuous female support during labor, but her presence results in improved outcomes during labor and delivery resulting in a happier mother and healthier baby. Women who have a doula present during delivery require less pharmacological pain relief (ie. epidurals), fewer episiotomies, and shorter labors. Who wouldn't want that?
As your doula I will provide continuous physical and emotional support during your labor as well as prenatal and postpartum support. I will serve any women in all settings including home births, birthing centers, and hospitals. My job is to support your choices.
I have faith in the birthing process and believe that every woman has the power to birth her baby. As your doula, we will discuss your birth preferences and craft a custom made birthing plan that addresses your needs and those of your baby.

To set up a consultation please call 978-424-7668

Looking forward to hearing from you