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Monday, June 4, 2012

My Birth Story, Part 1

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 Our baby girl was born at the end of January, 2012 but we were expecting her all month long.  Contractions came sporadically during the early part of January and eventually became a regular fixture in the daily routine.  After one particularly emotionally trying day, I thought labor had started and spent the night in the bathtub trying to relax as my husband timed contractions.
     The night before she was born, contractions started and became regular, waking me up every hour or so.  That morning, I was so excited I couldn't sleep so I climbed out of bed and into the bath tub.   (My go to place for early labor).  Earlier that week my mom had flown in to help watch our two older sons, so as we both readied ourselves for church my contractions petered out.  As we were about to walk out the front door, I said, "Mom, wait a minute, I need to use the bathroom."
She said, "Is everything alright?"  
"I don't know," I replied.
As I stepped into the bathroom, my water broke (nothing major, just a small gush) and I decided I wasn't going to church that morning.  So, I sent my mom and boys off to Divine Liturgy and paced at home.  My mother deposited the children at the church and returned home to check on me.
    By this point, my contractions had stopped completely, but I was still leaking amniotic fluid.  So, I called my midwife. Of course, she told me to wait and see and call back around noon.  So, after church, my husband and I walked to the local starbucks and back trying to encourage our baby girl.  I had a few good contractions on our walk but nothing convincing.
     At noon I called our midwife and she said that if labor didn't start by 8am the next morning I should come to the hospital.  So, I waited, ate an enormous lunch and prayed that my contractions would start.  Around 4pm I was contracting every 20 minutes.  I took a nap until 6pm and woke up to contractions that had me rocking on my hands and knees.  My husband came to check on me and asked if we should go to the hospital.  I still wasn't convinced that labor had really started....

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